30 November 2015

Nut Lovers Christmas Cake...

 The Nut Lovers Chrstmas Cake is SUPER EASY to throw together...
Nothing like an easy to make festive cake, would you not agree?
 In a large bowl whisk eggs, brown sugar, vanilla, spices and brandy,
then add 3 cups of diced mixed dried fruit.
I used 1 cup each of cranberries, currants, and a pre mix fruit selection.
 Then add 3 cups of roughly chopped nuts...
I used pecans, almonds, and brazil nuts.
(Chop the nuts much finer if you want a smoother cake.)
Then add self raising flour.
Mix well.

 Place in a greased tin. Mine has a pop off bottom, so I didn't paper it.
Bake one and a half hours in a slow oven.
When cold, put in a sealed cake tin,
Leave for three days for the flavours to develop.
Sprinkle top with icing sugar.
 Cut into portions and serve.
 Delicious served warm with custard and cream as a dessert cake.
Find the printable recipe here:

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21 November 2015

'Contemplating Flight'...

Title: Contemplating Flight
Medium: Oils
Size: 20cm x 20cm

My painting of a sparrow contemplating flight is a Merit Award recipient 
in 'Hibiscus and Bays Art Awards' at Mairangi Arts Centre, Auckland.
Judge: TJ McNamara
I'm so very happy and honoured to have received this award.

This wee painting is the catalyst in a whole series of feather and bird inspired works...
Watch this space!!!

18 November 2015

Painterly Expressions...

New work just completed in the Feather series of paintings.

New Zealand Artist
Title:  Florale Piuma
(Which is Italian for Floral Feather.)
Oils on box canvas.


15 November 2015

Stitched Card Christmas Ornaments...

Christmas has surely come a little early here at Mia Bella Passions...
But that's because  I LOVE everything Christmas!
To make these cute stitched card Christmas ornaments, 
you'll need a selection of Christmas shapes...
I used free templates from sourced via Google.

Print your chosen images from the links directly onto heavy white card.
 Cut out the shapes.
 Hole punch a hole centred.
 Using a sewing machine, place stitching as desired on the cardboard shape.
 You could handstitch these if you wanted to...
 Embellish with buttons, stickers or ribbon.
 Add a string or ribbon hanger.
DIY Christmas Decorations
Perfect for the Christmas tree, or use as a gift label.
 I filled this shabby old painted pot with florist foam.
Into that  went a twiggy dried branch.
I hung the stitched ornaments onto it.
 Oh they look so fabulous!
 I love the little dried seed pods on this branch.
My stitching is far from perfect, but I love the effect ... 
DIY Christmas Decorations
 Embellishments included a few stickers...
And some red buttons...
Such a pretty Christmas vignette on the little French side table!

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14 November 2015

12 November 2015


Love Tim Tams?
Love Chocolate?
Then this Christmas creation will be your HEAVEN!
A Tim Tam Chocolate Wreath! 
You will need:
 For a three layer - 36 Arnotts Tim Tam biscuits
For a four layer as I have made - 48  Arnotts Tim Tam Biscuits.
Milk & white chocolate melts
Red and green lollies
 Melt a little milk chocolate over hot water...
 On a large round platter, join 12 biscuits to create a circle.
 It will look like this.
 Then do the same with the second layer as shown.
Continue in this way until you have your three or four layers completed.
Melt white chocolate over hot water....
Dribble over the biscuits so it resembles snowy icles...
(this is quite funny as the humidity is 90% and it is near 25 degrees today in the Bay Of Plenty  - and I'm making snow!!)
Decorate with red and green lollies as desired...
Keep refrigerated if you live in a warm climate,
Just bring out  to room temperature for 10 minutes before cutting into pieces.
 A WOW Factor Christmas treat for sure...
A serious chocolate biscuit lovers Christmas fix... 

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10 November 2015

Framed Christmas Bauble Picture...

It's always fun to change up the décor for Christmas, and as I have been doing a bit of paper craft lately,  I decided to craft a simple picture using Christmas scrapbooking paper.
This idea is originally for card making by Homemade Gifts Made Easy.
But I have popped the picture I made in a frame for the mantel.

You will need to:
Gather together some glue, ribbon, heavy card, Christmas themed papers and embellishments.

Print this template and cut out the desired ornament shapes you want to use. 
I used two shapes.
Prepare a frame.
This old frame was painted red.
 There are many beautiful Christmas papers available. Choose two.
 Pencil (I used pen so you could see, but pencil is best) around your templates,
and cut out your two ornament shapes...
Glue into position on the card, which has been cut to the right size for the frame.
Stagger the heights of the two ornament shapes. 
Add ribbon hangers and embellishments.
When glue is dry, pop into the frame.
Simple Christmas paper craft the kids would love to do too!

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