10 December 2020

DIY Christmas Gift: Coconut Succulent Hanging Planters

Coconut Succulent Hanging Planters
There is a certain joy in creating your own gifts for giving.

So here is a little DIY Christmas gift inspiration for you.

Coconut Succulent Hangers are a little bit quirky.

A  little bit cute.

They are fabulous for giving this holiday season.

(Or for birthdays, house warming, Mothers day or Fathers Day)

To make two hangers, you will need:

Two small coconuts that have had top 1/4 sawn off and scraped clean of the coconut flesh.


Potting mix


Succulent plants (cuttings will work fine)

Coconut Hanging Planters

Cut six lengths of string about 53 inches (135cm) long.

Coconut Hanging Planters

Gather three together, fold in half and knot at loop for the hanger at the top.

Coconut Hanging Planters

Then knot 3 inches (8cm) down two strings together.

Coconut Hanging Planters

Then again at 4 inches (10cm) down.

Coconut Hanging Planters

Knot again 4 inches (10cm) down, but split the strings. As shown.

This makes the holder shape for the coconut shell.

Coconut Hanging Planters

Then split knot again about 2 1/2 inches (7cm) down.

Coconut Hanging Planters

Place the coconut shell in place.

Knot all the strings together under the coconut.

Trim ends of the string.

Coconut Hanging Planters

Fill each coconut with potting mix and add water until damp.

Place the succulent cuttings into the potting mix.

Coconut Succulent Hanging Planters


I have hung mine under the candle chandelier over my covered deck mosaic table.

Coconut Hanging Planters

Note: There are no drainage holes in the shell, 

so only water when the soil has dried out.

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6 December 2020

Lego and Animals Christmas Style Inspiration


Lego Christmas

I wanted to share with y'all my daughters cute animal tree, 

and her Christmas lego creations.

Christmas Lego

No one in my family has styled Christmas decor in the usual way this year.

Christmas Decor

We have all approached it in different ways.

And this is April's Christmas styling.

Christmas Decor

A simple branch tree in white.

Metal Ball Bells (via Ezibuy)


Fairy lights.


Animal decorations by EZIBUY. 

Lego Gingerbread House

She has built Christmas themed lego over the previous months to compliment her display. 

How cool!

         Lego Christmas

I love these Lego Christmas themed buildings.  

            Lego Christmas Lego Christmas

They even have light up and opening bits.

Lego Christmas

So much fun even for the 'big' kids.

Lego Christmas

I think she's aiming for a Lego-themed Christmas table display on a grander scale next holiday season.

Lego Christmas

This is just the beginning of something fun to come.

#Lego #Christmaslego #simplechristmasdecor

3 December 2020

Christmas Table At Mia Bella Passions


 As I said in my Ezibuy wreath post the other week,

my life is changing.

After 33 years of living here in 'Mia Bella Passions' homestead, I'm going to be moving in 2021.

And a lot of belongings are in storage already.


Life has been exceptionally busy,

as once Covid 19 lockdown and restrictions eased in New Zealand,

I have presented two gallery art exhibitions.

My favourite philosophy has always been the 'KISS' one -

(Keep It Simple Stupid).

And now we are in pre-Christmas mode, and with all that has happened in my life in 2020, this is ever more important.

Thus my very 'KISS' Christmas decor this year.

I adore Christmas.

Christmas decorating.

Christmas baking.

The Christmas and holiday season.

And I will return to it all next year once I am in my new home.


For my display, I used gold and white mistletoe fabric to make my dining table runner.

A very quick and easy whip up even for a beginner sewer who can straight stitch using a machine.

You'll find a tutorial on how to make one HERE.

I love these table runners...

If you want to you can creatively add tassels, buttons, braid, rope or beading details.

With table runner made and placed on the tabletop, 

A tray with small baubles in gold, rose gold and silver were scattered at the feet of the regal white stag wearing a Christmas star on his neck.


A pretty white and gold tealight candleholder was the final touch.


Everything used to create this display was purchased at Spotlight. 

(I popped the gold faux glitter flower stems shown in a large glass bottle for the sideboard).

#Christmastable #spotlight

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